Educational Videos

Learn how to use Olaplex

Why Use Olaplex?

Why Olaplex With Jordan & Slim

Why Olaplex with Amber Maynard

Meet the Garage Chemists

Meet The Garage Chemists


Amber Maynard - Defining Moment with Olaplex

Justin Anderson - Defining Moment with Olaplex

Justin Anderson - Defining Moment with Olaplex No2

Sema Conde - Defining Moment with Olaplex


Gloss, No.2, then Shampoo

Trial and Error with Amber Maynard

Troubleshooting with Bianca Hillier

Troubleshooting Bleach Ratios with Guy Tang

Troubleshooting Developer Levels with Guy Tang

Troubleshooting Lightener and Heat with Guy Tang

Introducing Olaplex to your Clients

Introducing Olaplex to your clients with Justin Anderson

Videos Educativos


Mechas / Rayitos

Olaplex No.3

Menos es Mejor

Porque Olaplex?

Tratamiento Con Olaplex


Balayage With Guy Tang

Balayage With Chad Kenyon

Lightener In Foils

Lightener In Foils With Tracey Cunningham

Single Process Color

Single Process Color with Bianca Hillier

On Scalp Lightener

On Scalp Lightener With Bianca Hillier

Olaplex In Salon Treatment

Olaplex In Salon Treatment with Justin Anderson

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment With Jordana Lorraine

Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal Reconditioning with Amber Maynard